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Subject: Re: [DNA] Hello Mr. Krahn
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 18:55:46 -0500
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I have a page at my web site listing the Y-DNA STR markers currently (as of 11
Jan 2010) tested at FTDNA, beyond the standard 67 markers, including prices.

Two sets of these are already bundled (viz., Panel 5, the Palindromic Pack, and
Panel 9, the ten EthnoAncestry markers), but I wish FTDNA would bundle the rest
into discounted sets (e.g., the nine SMGF markers), plus bundle them all
together for a "maxing out your markers" discounted set.

Over five years of managing six projects has led me to make 67 markers the
standard for my projects, and I've been quite successful in getting members to
test 67, from the start. But in families where everyone is descended from the
same immigrant to the U.S., you're going to get 67/67 matches in distant
cousins. In those cases where families want to differentiate the lines of
descent from their immigrant, it's going to take testing every marker possible.
I think if "maxing out" were easier and, more importantly, cheaper, I could get
more members to do it. So far, I've only had five "max out" their markers --
and only that many because I paid for three of them.


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> I would recommend the 9 SMGF STRs which are not tested
> FTDNA's 67 marker set, since these have been tested widely
> by SMGF and many show up on Ysearch. The set consists of
> (all found in FTDNA's "advanced orders"): DYS461, DYS462,
> A10, DYS635, 1B07, DYS441, DYS445, DYS452, and DYS463. I
> might also add in DYS710.
> After that there is the (FTDNA "advanced orders") Y-STR
> DNA-FP Panel 9. There are 10 different Y-STRs in this panel.
> What would be most helpful perhaps would be for FTDNA
> to form an even larger Y-STR set than the current 67 set,
> an 87 marker set for example.
> Al

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