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Subject: [DNA] FTdna answered my Moore question
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:20:27 -0800

figured I tell everyone, in case someone is following this in the

FTdna states that they are pretty sure my husband does not have an
NPE, that it is the Scots non-matching surnames that are more likely
the ones with NPE's. they suggested that they would pull a couple as
no longer related, but have not got around to it.

so he's just odd. different. Martian? lol...

at decodeme his Y shows no ancestry what so ever. I ran the cursor
over the area it should be and it didn't even bring up a losenge
saying what percentage race he is there. I have teased him about
being a bug eyed alien for that...and for all of his mutations at
FTdna. the more walls I run into with him the more determined I am to
find out why he does not fit into the norm with this, esp with common
haplogroups. time to ask one of his brothers to test, but which test?
both tests is a bit rich for a small museum curator retiree. or a no
longer popular musician. even one test may be too rich, we shall see.


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