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Subject: Re: [DNA] The British Isles DNA Project
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 17:21:50 +0100
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You would be perfect for the project, which is not to say you won't be for
other projects such as the Ireland one. (You can be in several projects.)

All parties of the British Isles are included in the study, including
Ireland, with the emphasis being on paper trail.

If you are an FT DNA customer you can join from your personal page: top left
there is a JOIN link, and the project comes under "B" in DUAL GEOGRAPHICAL
Projects I believe.

Let me know if this does not work. (I am posting to the forum as well in
case others want the same information.)




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Subject: Re: [DNA] The British Isles DNA Project

Hi, Andrew.

I will look at the link you provided. Counties where? Your email does not

I have a confirmed paper trail to County Antrim, Ireland - specific townland
- back to 1760.

Is that what you mean?

Then, can you provide clear and understandable instructions for joining the

I also have a DNA profile provided by my first cousin and we are part of the

Is mise le meas,

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