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Subject: Re: [DNA] L21 and U106 Deep Clade Results
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 14:37:04 +0000 (UTC)
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There are also some SNPs downstream of L21 that are available through the advanced orders system, but are not included in deep clade testing at this time. There are enough such SNPs that testing all of them will probably not be the choice of most R-L21* researchers, but testing some or all of these SNPs should at least be considered. I mentioned some of these SNPs in an earlier post, but I left out some of the lesser known ones. For some of these SNPs, it is possible to identify men with an elevated probability of testing positive based on an examination of their haplotypes. There are 9 such SNPs currently listed on the advanced orders menu. 8 of them are listed as part of a package of R-L21 SNPs, and another, L69, is listed under Haplogroup I, where it is also found:

L226 found in Irish type III men. Is it found in any others?
L159 found in Leinster Cluster men, and also in a couple of men who aren't in the Leinster Cluster. Who else outside the Leinster Cluster has this SNP?
L144 found in a small cluster identified by Frances James
L193 found in a cluster being researched by Mike Walsh and others interested in the R-L21 11-13 project
L195 thought to co-mutate with L144
L96 listed as a possible singleton
L69 found in a French WTY participant. This one does not seem to be extremely common, but is found in men with diverse haplotypes. Anyone wishing to learn more about this SNP should visit the R-L21L69 project website. It has a really fine background page, and people with haplotypes similar to the haplotypes of members of this project will of course be more interested in testing for this SNP. Two of the members of the project, a Mulholland and a McGuire, have most distant known ancestors from Ireland.

I anticipate the announcement of the discovery of another R-L21 SNP soon, and that one is likely to be of interest to researchers of Irish lines.

So even if men have 67 marker results and deep clade results, they are not necessarily finished testing. A few whose haplotypes are clues to their being positive for one of the advanced orders system SNPs would probably save some money by testing the indicated SNPs and skipping the deep clade. If you or any of your co-administrators have time, it would make sense to contact some of the experts on the individual SNPs and ask whether they would recommend testing for any of your project members.

Kirsten Saxe

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Thanks to all for their help with my L21 and U106 query.

So, a Deep Clade test for R1b1b2 people is recommended, in order to
identify the correct subclade first and 67 markers are needed, as well,
to identify close matches within that subclade.


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