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Subject: Re: [DNA] Approval to enter Projects
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 10:40:43 -0500
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Hello Margaret,

Yes, I get the same two kinds of join requests, that is, from people who've
already been tested and those purchasing a kit.

I generally carry on an exchange of several messages with a person when they
make a request to join, unless they've given me a lot of information in their
join request. Usually, they don't supply enough, so I can seldom just click
"Agree" or "Disagree" to the join request. Frankly, this is the reason I much
preferred the "old" join procedure that consisted of me simply sending them the
link, instead of going through that form on the FTDNA web site. The form
doesn't give me a copy of what I've said or done or when I did it, and I like to
have that record. I end up having to send an email to myself describing when
and how I responded, so I have a dated record.


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> Hi Diana,
> We use the "Request to Join" facility in the Ireland yDNA
> Project which is a Geographic Project. The join requests
> come in two forms (i) when people, are in FTDNA their
> request is listed on our GAP webpage as well as FTDNA
> sending their request to us by email and (ii) when people
> are planning to order a kit, we get an email from FTDNA
> and we have to decide to agree or disagree to their request
> to order a kit through the project.
> This works quite well and in both cases we can get a certain
> amount of genealogical information from the applicant.
> However, sometimes it is not clear whether the person has
> done a mtDNA test (not relevant) or a yDNA test (required)
> and we have to clarify that with them. Also, we may not get
> enough information to help us decide if the person has an
> Irish ancestry on their paternal line so the "Request to Join"
> system could be improved on, to encourage the applicant
> to give us critical information.
> In a large project, I think it is vital to filter people as they
> join or you get people joining projects without any
> appropriate reason. Sometimes, they don't understand and
> need help and direction.
> Regards,
> Margaret

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