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From: Robert Hughes <>
Subject: [DNA] Women have two copies of the “neatness” gene.
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 12:24:36 -0500

Subject: Women have two copies of the “neatness” gene. Or where it
all may have started.
This is not new information by itself; the finds at Israel’s Gesher
Benot Ya’aqov (GBY) cave date back several years but new studies add
to the original conjecture.
Archaeologist searching an Acheulian period layer in the Hula
valley cave report finding “a formalized conceptualization of living
space” in a 750,000 year BP occupation layer. That’s pretty long ago,
definitely pre modern human Homo Sapiens.
What they found was an H. heidelbergensis hearth and food prep area
with signs of “neatness” separate from an area used for tool making.
One quote I read was ---“H. heidelbergensis was a very tidy species.”
What this means to me is that even 750,000 BP years ago, when it
comes to the kitchen, momma was in charge. Where it concerns order and
arrangement, women always seem to get both copies of the neatness
I’ll bet if they look in the cracks, they will find pollen or seeds
from the broomstraw grass she used to sweep up baby heidelbergensis’s
mess. It’s also likely that there is a little mud room by the entrance
with a rack on the cave wall for hanging wet cheetah hide clothing.
Here are some good sites.
And a good site on the tidiness concept.
Regards, Robert Hughes
Steve M. tell a story about a lady truck driver who starting
knitting sweaters to pass the time while driving her rig. Because both
her hands were occupied, she would steer with her knees.
A highway patrol officer noticed the truck driver rolling along on
the interstate knitting away and pulled his patrol car up alongside
the truck.
Using his patrol car’s loudspeaker, the cop shouted “Pull over,
pull over” The truck driver heard the cop and shouted back, “No, no.
It’s a cardigan”

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