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From: William Hurst <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] latest mtDNA sequences (24-FEB-2010)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 12:46:12 -0500
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Hi Ian and all,

Hey Ian, where does it say you can take off a couple of days? Thanks.

All, don't expect GeneTree/SMGF to start doing FGS tests. This was apparently an inside one-off situation. And yes, the person does belong to the K Project, both as a non-FTDNA member under our Results tab, and also sort of an observer status with an FTDNA kit number with Y-DNA results. And no, I don't count him twice.

Bill Hurst

> List
> I go away for a couple of days - and sure enough more sequences pop up on GenBank.
> And, a competitor to FTDNA appears !
> as today's list contains a sequence from 'GeneTree'.
> (Please note the 'C3107N mutation in the sequence is spurious.
> This occurs because the submitter has chosen to put an 'n' on the GenBank page,
> whereas the various submitters of the FTDNA sequences have not done this.)
> I have added the sequences to my 'Checker' program.
> Ian
> --------------------------------
> GU722598 GeneTree Haplogroup K1a1a1 24-FEB-2010
> A73G T146C A263G 315.1C C497T A750G T1189C A1438G A1811G A2706G
> C3107N A3480G T3552C A4769G C7028T G8251A A8860G G9055A T9698C G9801A
> A10398G A10550G T11299C A11467G G11719A G11914A A12308G G12372A C14167T C14766T
> T14798C A15326G T16093C T16224C C16256T T16311C T16357C T16519C

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