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Subject: Re: [DNA] Call to participants in ALL geographicandhaplogroupprojects: fill in your ancestry
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 18:02:02 +0000 (UTC)
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I do see a value to including data from men with brick walls or limited information about the places of origin for their most distant known ancestors in some databases. One example would be members of small clades that are tied to specific geographic areas, but whose signatures would be hard to recognize if you cut your sample size down to those few with paper trails to specific counties. I think that others could come up with other examples of ways that including data from men lacking specific information about their origins in databases for men whose lines may originate from a particular geographical area would be beneficial.

Of course you wouldn't have to do that with the British Isles project, and you might not have the time or the support from other administrators needed to handle a project of the size that a very open British Isles project would be. It really would be nice to find a way to make such a project happen, or to at least have a couple of projects whose databases could be combined by researchers interested in putting the haplotype puzzle pieces from men with and without information about origins in specific British Isles counties together.

Kirsten Saxe

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Subject: [DNA] Call to participants in ALL geographic andhaplogroupprojects: fill in your ancestry

Hi Bud

I understand that you hope not to miss any interesting conclusions coming
from collecting data of people with pedigree connections to Britain. You

People who do not know which county they trace back to can interact in any
other way they like, the same as a participant. But I do not see putting
your data into the database as the right way to interact with the project.

The database, if it is to be useful, is supposed to represent people who
know which county they came from. Right now more than half the members are
not in this category, which is a significant problem, which now needs to be

Concerning information we learn, people without their haplotype in the
database will learn just as much as people with it in. Please encourage all
the people you know WITH a pedigree back to county to join. That is what
will help the most.

Best Regards


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