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They want to remain anonymous so the name of their mother is not listed.
Mother's name is used very often for identification with banks and other
places. They are thinking of identity theft.

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Subject: [DNA] anonymity (was call to...)


This has nothing to do with test subject anonymity, which is FTDNA policy,
so I
respect it. Typically, in my projects, the test subject and his father are
privatized, with the grandfather and earlier ancestors public.

As an aside, does anyone realize how ridiculous anonymity is? Once a
has identified several descendants of a founder (the immigrant ancestor),
everyone knows at least roughly what the haplotype is for all descendants of
this progenitor. If you have a history of discussing your descent from this
ancestor on message boards, mailing lists, and/or your web site, people know
what your haplotype is, within a few markers, even if you don't get tested,
all. What is this big secret you're keeping?

The time to be secret about testing is before your first results return. No
can be certain they don't have an NPE in their line, until they're tested.
will probably want to know whether or not you have an NPE before you
the fact that you are being tested, because, if you do have an NPE, you may
to limit who knows about it.

Before I publicized my mtDNA (HVR1+HVR2), I tested a first cousin, to be
we were a match. Before I publicized my mtDNA FGS, I had Ann Turner do a
medical analysis, to be certain I had nothing I wouldn't want revealed. Now
that I know I've nothing to hide, my results are public:

And so are my father's (even before he passed away):

Just what scary thing is someone going to do with these results?


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> haplogroupprojects: fill in your ancestry
> Diana Gale Matthiesen wrote:
> > I run six DNA projects and, ultimately, I believe it's the
> > project admin's responsibility to see that their members
> > supply at least the identity of their earliest ancestor.
> Well, if that is the project's goal.
> I am the co-admin of the largest such project. We started by
> promising anonymity. We do collect earliest ancestors, in
> the hope of making connections.
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> Doug McDonald

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