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From: "Diana Gale Matthiesen" <>
Subject: [DNA] upload a GEDCOM (was Call to participants...)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 21:07:42 -0500
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What I wish is that FTDNA would include the Kit Number of our matchees. Then we
could go to our matchee's surname project's results table and know which results
are his and who his earliest ancestors is, if not his entire patrilineal line.
This would be *so* helpful because a lot of matchees never respond to attempts
to contact them.

You bring up a really important issue, and that is the uploading of GEDCOMs.
I've done it for the tests I've sponsored, but almost none of my members do it,
and I think it's time we admins started pressuring our members to do it. That
is the vehicle FTDNA has given us to know the lineages of our matchees, yet we
aren't taking advantage of it. I intend to start pressing my members to do so,
and where they don't, I'm going to start creating and uploading them, myself.
The GEDCOMs don't have to include all the details, just the basics (name, birth
date and place, death date and place, and name of spouse) are sufficient. The
purpose is not to convey "the genealogy," but to identify the line.

Having the lineages in the FTDNA database is one way to have the project
lineages survive our demise and the disappearance of our personal web sites.
I've made the best arrangements I can for my web site to remain online, but you
really can't control what happens after you die. Do I really want the results
of all this labor and expense to disappear? Don't we, as project admins *and*
as project members, not have some responsibility to make certain it doesn't?

Upload that GEDCOM!!!


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> Just another thought on the subject of ancestry....
> FTDNA list matches in their customer database who agree to
> participate in this feature. I have many 12 marker matches.
> However, my first 12 markers are found in many different
> haplogroups. Of the matches at 12 markers, perhaps much
> less than 5% are significant.
> It would be helpful if the lists of FTDNA customer matches
> included a brief statement of earliest ancestor, and earliest
> ancestor location.
> I have 153 matches at 12 markers, of which 15 have some
> GEDCOM information attached which I can access. But just
> an earliest ancestor location of say "Cambridgeshire,
> England", displayed in the match table would be a great
> help to me.
> If it was "easy" for me to locate the "more promising" 12
> marker matches, I might be contacting these, and
> encouraging them to take more FTDNA tests.
> I should note that I notice that I don't have any GEDCOM
> for myself attached. I will fix that omission in the next
> few says!
> John.

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