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Subject: Re: [DNA] Handling data in bigger projects. Was RED. Calltoparticipants
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 14:24:40 EST

One obvious way to deal with large projects -- surname or regional -- is to
break them down by haplogroup. People in different haplogroups haven't
had a
common ancestor in thousands of years, so I see no earthly reason to keep
in the same project, unless the project is small and easily managed as it

LINDSEY: I'd like to see projects for subgroups. I haven't tried to
look at the I1 Project in almost a year, because it took forever to load and
my AS7E subgroup was small and under-represented anyway. There were more
families represented in my AS7E project at Ancestry, but I've been too busy
with my Britton project to do much with it in a long time. Perhaps someone
would like to start an AS7E Project at Family Tree?

Projects which are both region specific and haplogroup specific are
another way to reduce the size of projects and may have the added advantage of
helping to localise certain subgroups. If DNA testing is going to attract
and assist genealogists, then it must be useful in focusing the search for
those who seek long-lost connections in their homeland. I think this is
probably the #1 reason for testing--it was certainly my reason.

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