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From: "O. W. Odom" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Darn! My Family Finder test was inconclusive!!! :-(
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 15:01:22 -0600
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Me too, and, like you, William, and Charles I have no idea what that last
paragraph is trying to say. (And Alister, if I may say so, I think the
lipstick joke has just about reached the end of its line.)


At 01:50 PM 2/28/2010, CeCe wrote:

>I just received this...
>"A very small percentage of the tests we perform do not return conclusive
>results the first time we test.
>In these cases, the samples do not produce a reading that allows our lab
>to determine with 100% certainty
>the values for one or more markers or regions. When this happens, we
>re-test the sample.
>We repeat this procedure up to 3 times after the initial test fails to
>give a clear result.
>Your sample failed to produce a clear result in this run.
>Below is a status update for your kit number, as well as an estimated time
>of when the next rerun
>is expected to be completed:
>FamilyFinder - 3/31/2010 This expected date is based on an unused vial
>being available
>when your order was placed. The unused status was emailed to you in your
>email confirmation
>upon ordering Family Finder. The the email said we do not have an sample
>on hand a kit
>was mailed to you the following business day. When you samples comes back
>it will be
>placed in with the remained samples in this batch."
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