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From: "Tim Janzen" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] : low variance MRCA dates for P310
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 13:37:40 -0800
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Dear Ken,
Thanks for your comments. It would appear that you prefer the term
"self variance coalescence age estimate" for the output of BV9 and BV12.
However you are using the term "TMRCA age estimate" for the interclade
estimate in cell BV529. Is "TMRCA age estimate" your preferred term for the
output of BV529? If so, I would prefer the term "interclade TMRCA age
estimate" or "interclade TMRCA estimate" (the term I have been using all
along) so that it is clear that the estimate is an interclade estimate and
not an intraclade estimate.

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Subject: Re: [DNA] : low variance MRCA dates for P310

BV9 and BV12 are the self variance coalescence age estimates for the two
separate clades.
This could be verified by just tracing what the spreadsheet tabulates and
combines. Note: there is no place for assumed founding haplotype on the
spreadsheet, so that is the tip-off that a clade TMRCA from assumed founding

haplotype is not being made.

BV529 is the TMRCA age estimate for (common to) the two clades.

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