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From: "Lancaster-Boon" <>
Subject: [DNA] The British Isles DNA Project - question
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 00:10:42 +0100

Hi Nelda

In terms of actual permission to join, at the moment the situation is
unclear, and so we need to develop a nice clear policy. I believe we are
going to need to be more restrictive in terms of which data goes in. It is
too difficult to get anything done otherwise.

But the project is only looking at Y DNA and mt DNA, and then only at the
big picture, so I see no reason you would want to enter data in which is not
securely traced back to Britain along the paternal or maternal line.

Best Regards

From: Nelda Percival <>

I have a question. If you tested Y-DNA but your ancestry for that surname is
not into the British Isles, can you join if a different surname in your
ancestry goes to the British Isles.

Not sure how that would work outside of family finder


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