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From: Alan R <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] : low variance MRCA dates for P310 clades in ItalyandSEEurope
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 01:34:33 +0000 (GMT)
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Again not conclusive but certainly suggestive that L11 may have occurred among an L51 lineage who were heading into central Europe.  Clearly where L11 happened and what direction it was moving in would also be a major dictating factor on its the history of all its downstream clades.  I see one big possible geographical window for an early split in R1b1b2 on its way into Europe  if some had gone through Anatolia directly to Bulgaria etc and some going more by sea from the in and around the Levant to Greece, the Adriatic etc. That split could lead to a long period of separation between R1b1b2 groups and due to geography it may have been some time before they came back into contact. 


The last time I did an updated for the ht35 project, I found that about 30% of R-L51* were from SE Europe/SW Asia while only about 5% of R-L11* (aka R-P310*) were from there.

See this graphic, breaking down each paragroup by region.


On Feb 28, 2010, at 12:32 PM, Alan R wrote:

> is it fair comment that L11*/P310* is much more non_Mediterranean in distribution compared to upstream forms?  I looked at the ht35 project but there seems to be no country of origin notes or maps.  It looked superficially from surnames that L11* was significantly more central/northern European than the upstream forms.

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