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Subject: Re: [DNA] The British Isles DNA Project Inability to join
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 08:44:06 -0500
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I would not anticipate that someone tested elsewhere would ever be allowed to
officially join an FTDNA project and have their results entered in the FTDNA
database, and I don't think we'd want them to allow it. With the FTDNA
database, we at least have the knowledge that the data are not befouled with
manual entries the way the Ancestry database is (and Ysearch is).

If people want the benefit of being in the FTDNA database, they should have
tested at FTDNA, in the first place, or they should get re-tested at FTDNA.

If you are running a project at FTDNA and you want to allow people tested
elsewhere to "join" your project, then all you need to do is set up your own web
site for the project. That's what I do. And I do not allow those tested
elsewhere to join my projects unless they send me the *original* results report
from their testing lab, so I can see the UN-converted values.


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> Subject: [DNA] The British Isles DNA Project Inability to join
> Unfrtunately that is our next "IT problem".
> We do hope to get a solution for allowing people from outside
> FT DNA to join eventually. My experience in smaller projects
> has not been fun though. Part of the problem maybe sounds
> silly but not having kit numbers in Ancestry makes it very
> hard to be sure you are getting everything done correctly. A
> work around is only letting in people who send in data in a
> standard format themselves, which I think is an approach
> being used by several projects.
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