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From: William L Harvey <>
Subject: [DNA] Looking forward to using Family Finder with interestedgenetic genealogists
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 08:06:06 -0800


In 2009 I located a 3rd cousin (surname Cloys) and he tested to 67 Y-STR
markers and Deep SNP subclade (R1b1b2a1b* M312+) at FTDNA. The Cloyes
family has been extensively researched and is known to have pre-colonial
roots in England with France as the family locale prior to the mid-1500's.

Subsequently, a second male of this clan (surname Cloyes) tested to 37
markers and has the same base predicted haplogroup (R1b1b2) at FTDNA.

These Y-DNA test results match at 33/37 markers with single allele value
differences noted at "faster mutating" markers DYS385b; DYS458; &
DYS449. A difference of one was found at "slower mutating " location
DYS459b. The haplotype appears to be uncommon as there are no exact
matches beyond the 12 marker level. (Y-Search = PN7Z4)

These Y-testees each have solid and well developed paper trails back to
brothers born in 1707 and 1710 and thence to the brothers' common father
b. 1678 in Mass. So, on the face of things, it looks like a pretty firm
connection other than both being in the R1b1b2 world of confusion and
having a couple of unexpected mutations occur between them.

Now for the neat part! 23andMe found a female Relative Finder match to
me at 0.11% - predicted 5th cousin (3rd - 10th range) - this lady also
traces her paper trail ancestry to the *same* common ancestor (Cloyes)
through an older sister (b. 1705) of the two brothers identified through
Y-DNA testing. The match between this lady and myself turns out to be at
a true paper trail 7th cousin level.

My gr-grandmother's maiden name was Cloys from which point the surname
has changed twice for my line. My female RF match has multiple
sequential females passing atDNA on to their daughters eventually ending
with her.

This has really been an eye-opener for me as to the usefulness of
autosomal DNA testing and how it can work in conjunction with Y-DNA
testing! I am now really glad that I have always accumulated as much
allied and collateral family information as possible while tracing my
own direct ancestors.

The drawback with using the 23andMe database for genetic genealogy is
that so few are interested in their family history and/or have meager
knowledge of their ancestry. This should not be an issue when working
with FTDNA customers.


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