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Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 19:14:38 -0600
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My father matches into both groups.

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> Right now at FTDNA there are the Swiss Anabaptist and the Mennonite projects. The projects are administered by different individuals with a focus on different communities. At 23andMe we lumped both communities into a single effort to jump start the autosomal effort. The issue is more how we reorganize and administer the existing efforts to reflect the change in paradigm from pure maternal or maternal lineage to one of having information from multiple ancestors.
> Importing of data into FTDNA - I would assume that FTDNA will scrub the medical SNPs from our imported information. As a scientist I see that as throwing away useful data. The scrubbed results may impact the definition of IBD segments of interest that we are tracking. I understand the legal situation which FTDNA operates under and we will work with/around that. Within our targeted project communities inherited trait information is another piece of the genealogical puzzle if we elect to investigate and utilize that data.
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