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Subject: Re: [DNA] Naming Family Finder Projects
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 00:02:14 -0800
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Dear Nelda, Rebekah, and others,
I think that as Family Finder comes online that it makes sense to
put our emphasis at first on starting projects based on geographical
boundaries and ethnic background. I think it would be reasonable for every
country to have a Family Finder project devoted to it although it might not
be practical to have one that covers the entire U. S. There are already
many geographic and ethnic projects found at Hopefully the administrators of
those projects will be willing to help organize Family Finder projects for
their geographic region and/or ethnic group. Ideally, there would be teams
of genealogists who would have specialties in specific geographic regions
and/or ethnic groups who would work together on the Family Finder projects
for the region or ethnic group. People could join as many Family Finder
projects as they have ethnic backgrounds and/or countries of geographic
origin. Countries could be broken down into smaller units as need be. For
the U. S., these would be some reasonable projects:
1. African American ancestry
2. Native American ancestry
3. Jewish ancestry
4. Mennonite ancestry (already underway)
5. Quaker ancestry
6. Scotch-Irish ancestry
7. Puritan ancestry

Having projects for specific states, particularly some of those that
were settled the earliest such as Virginia would also make sense. The
ancestor (or ancestral couple) specific projects can develop as the Family
Finder database grows. I hope that FTDNA strongly promotes the concept of
having people upload a gedcom file of their ancestry at the same time that
they do a Family Finder DNA test. This would help tremendously and would
help avoid the problem we have with 23andMe where so little genealogical
data is available for the people who are matches in Relative Finder.

Tim Janzen

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How do you pick your couple?

1. Just put the names in a hat and pull out a pair?

2. Pick the lineage with the most genealogy documentation?

3. Pick the one you need the most help on?

Or could you pick like your parents and then name your ancestry to the 5th


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