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Subject: Re: [DNA] Naming Family Finder Projects
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 05:52:46 -0600
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Dear Tim,

I think that you have mistaken what a Family Finder Project is.

These Q&As from the Family Tree DNA FAQ may be helpful for you. :-)

What is a Family Finder Project? faq id: 599
A Family Finder Project is devoted to using DNA to trace and compare
multiple descendents from a single ancestor or ancestral couple.
Family Finder Projects are designed for comparisons between project
members using autosomal DNA. Project administrators have several
advanced tools at their disposal to compare their project members.

What is the difference between a Surname Project and a Family Finder
Project? faq id: 600
While a Surname Project seeks to document the Y chromosome DNA of
males with a common surname, a Family Finder Project is focused on
tracing the DNA of all descendents of a single ancestor or a single
ancestral couple.

What I think you are talking about is using the Family Finder Test in
Regional/Geographic Projects. These two passages from the Family
Finder "Landing Page" seem relevant.
{Note: you have to tab to the Projects section.}

"The new Family Finder test and project tools also integrate with your
existing Family Tree DNA project to take it to the “next level”."

"Regional projects can discover real relationships. You will be able
to explore the lost family connections that are hidden behind
migrations. New clues will open avenues for additional traditional
paper trail research. Those with close or perfect Y-chromosome and
mtDNA matches can now untangle their relationships."

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