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Subject: Re: [DNA] Naming Family Finder Projects
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 06:34:59 -0600
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Hi Nelda,

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 1:01 AM, Nelda Percival
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> Hi,
> Your right that going to far back would cause a project to become to large and unmanageable,but thinking that you can't find measurable segments, isn't totally true.. they could be there. I currently share measureable segments with a cousin at 11 generations.

True. But with _most_ of your 9th cousins you will not share
measurable segments.

> But let's discuss the 5th generation.. 64 ancestors. (I can only name 24 of them, and I thought I was good..LOL)

Well that is a hard question.

> How do you pick your couple?
> 1. Just put the names in a hat and pull out a pair?

I do not recommend it. :~)

> 2.  Pick the lineage with the most genealogy documentation?

That is an idea!

Remember that like any DNA Project you are going to be out in the
trenches recruiting. Who do you recruit for these? Any cousin who has
a line back to the pair that you picked. That sounds much easier than
what we have been doing with surnames.

Have you traced the collateral lines forward to know who these cousins
are? Have you networked with other genealogists with a common

> 3. Pick the one you need the most help on?

Well, maybe. Do you have a line that you find yourself spending more
time on than others?

Are you interested in spending hundreds of hours helping baby
genealogists from this line find the records that prove that they are
connected to it? Are you ready to spend hundreds of hours explaining
DNA testing to them?

> Or could you pick like your parents and then name your ancestry to the 5th generation?

It depends. A big part of this is the expectation of still sharing DNA
blocks/segments with project members. Anything past 3rd cousins and
the inter-family matches are going to be hit and miss.

I have several cousins from 23andMe where our common ancestor was 9-12
generations back. I also have known 6th cousins who I do not
genetically match with.

> Opinions?


*You want to pick so that who you have a good chance of finding
matches among the cousins.
*You want to pick so that you have people who you can reach out to and recruit.


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