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Subject: Re: [DNA] Danish "homeland" of Viking Era emigrants to EasternEnglandand Normandy
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 15:20:11 -0500
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There is a regional Danish project at FTDNA called Danish Demes, which restricts
its membership to those with a known origin in Denmark. Unfortunately, the
FTDNA web site has been down for a couple of hours, so I don't know how soon
you'll be able to access the project web site there:
This site is always up to date with regard to results.

I also have a personal web site for the project containing more details:
Unfortunately, my attempts to bring it up to date this afternoon are being
thwarted by my inability to reach my GAP.


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<snip>...not one single population genetics study has taken
> a regional view of Denmark. Actually there is a paucity of
> any Y chromosome data at all pertaining to that country.
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