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From: Umar Matloob <>
Subject: [DNA] R1a Tree
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 17:22:05 +0500

Hello dear list members,

I have an image file containing many kits from FTDNA and search IDs from
ysearch that belong to R1a haplogroup and these are intertwined with each
other to form a tree with multiple branches. It also gives, what I beleive,
is a column representing 'number of years from presdent' on the left hand
side. I do not remember where I downloaded this from. The image is too large
(13 MB) to be sent as email attachment to the list. If anyone recognizes
what I am talking about, could s/he kindly explain to me the workings of the
tree and the small red and blue notations (that are too small to be read,
but undoubtedly contain some usefull information).

Thanks & Regards,

ysearch :: 4H8DK

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