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From: "Rick Chancey" <>
Subject: [DNA] mtDNA Coding Region Concern
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 10:01:34 -0500

Good morning list,

I would like to publish my mtDNA Coding Region test results on my web site and elsewhere (like DNA-fingerprint) but I have read several articles implying that would not be advisable because of the medical information the results might contain. Is there a way to determine if my mtDNA coding region contains mutations that reveals one or more possible harmful medical conditions?

I am not concerned for myself so much but rather for my younger siblings and two sons. As I understand mtDNA (which may or may not be correct), I cannot pass on to my sons, the mtDNA that I received from my mother so that should not be a concern. Is that a good statement? However by revealing my mtDNA, I will also be revealing the possible mtDNA of my younger brothers. Is that also a good statement?

Any advise and words of wisdom you care to offer will be greatly appreciated.


Rick Chancey Y-Search JTGW4

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