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From: "David Stedman" <>
Subject: [DNA] Ysearch including DYS 389-1,2 & YCA IIa,b
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2010 20:13:26 -0000

Whilst struggling with a Ysearch problem recently I found that in order to search
against either 389-1 and 389-2 both values have to be entered. The same thing
applies for YCA IIa & YCA IIb.

One aspect of this is these values can be used as wild cards in order to pad out
searches for clads in place of modal values for slow mutating loci. If a value for 389-
1 is used without 389-2 Ysearch will return results for all values of 389-1

If anybody can explain this behaviour I would be interested to know, likewise if any
other loci are treated in this fashion.

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