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Subject: Re: [DNA] Reminder,DNA to be discussed on "Faces of America" Wednesday evening
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LOL! I saw Regis' results on his show, though he didn't say what they were, you could read the certificate! Whether Longoria has a Chinese ancestor or if the testing was faulty--either way, Gates was wrong in presenting it with such faith.

I have no doubt that Eva Longoria has some Native American ancestry, but I don't have much faith in interpreting all "Asian" results as "Native American." In fact, Doug MacDonald's interpretation of the 23andMe results shows the Native American "markers" all over the place, across all three biogeographical groups--NOT just the "Asian" segments. So, just exactly what does "Asian" mean on this test, so far as people with Native American ancestry are concerned?

Ray Whritenour
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Could Eva Longoria have a Chinese relative within the last 250 years, possible. Could this relative be related within the last 250 years to Yo Yo Ma who was born to Chinese parents, extremely unlikely. It is more likely that this shared segment of Autosomal DNA is so short that it is identical by type (IBT).

Not familiar with the Broad Institude doing the autosomal testing on the show.

Incidentally Regis Philbin was test by Gates and has 36 percent East Asian?

Mexico DNA Project Admin.

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Subject: [DNA] Reminder, DNA to be discussed on "Faces of America" Wednesday evening
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I thought Gates played fast and loose with the DNA results. He's way too ready to call an "Asian" result, "Native American." The fact is, the 23andMe test distinguishes only European, Asian and African. He told Eva Longoria that she was 27% "Native American," when her test said 27% "Asian." And, if she and Yo-yo Ma had a common ancestor in the last two hundred years, or so--and, he is 100% "Asian," either some of Longoria's ancestry was definitely "Asian" (almost certainly Chinese); or, Yo-yo Ma had a "Native American" ancestor! (How likely is that?) Plus, many Europeans get trace amounts of "Asian" ancestry from various invasions and migrations from the East.

I also got the distinct impression that Louise Erdrich didn't want everyone to see just how "European" she is, genetically. Call me a cynic!

Another thing I noticed: Gates reported that Mehmet Oz and Mike Nichols were in the same haplogroup, and tied this in with the Biblical and Koranic idea that Jews and Muslims were both descended from Abraham (through Isaac and Ishmael, respectively); HOWEVER, that was incorrect! It's Jews and ARABS (NOT all Muslims) who are supposed to be descended from Abraham. AND, he didn't give the haplogroup! I'm betting it was a more "European" haplogroup--NOT a more Middle Eastern one.

Ray Whritenour

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