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From: Nelda Percival <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] autosomal test samples
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 19:06:04 -0600
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A DNA sample contains cells. In a Cell is 23 pairs of Chromosomes, these 23 pairs contain 1 pair of sex chromosomes, a YX for a male and two Xs for a female. in the same cell but not part of the 23 chromosome pairs is the MTDNA.

Now all cells have different types of markers. The Y chromosome for genealogy tests primarly the marker refered to as STRs, but this same Y chromosome also has SNPs used to test for a haplogroup if you order that test.

It also holds other places that can be tested.. but a company only tests for what is ordered.

They won't be waisting there resources testing when they were not paid to test, by the owner of the test sample...

The X chromosome also has other places that can be tested but as I understand it when the X was included in 23&me's test, they tested the SNPs the Autosomal chromosome is also is tested for SNPs.. now I understand that some SNPs are used for medical information and some are not.. As I said a company will not test your sample for parts that are not ordered and paid for.. now your MTDNA also has areas that are tested, SNPs being one of them.. it seems the series /areas tested in the MTDNA can have medical information.

But Companies like FamilyTreeDNA are quite safe in the information they have on file..
Read thier info on the website.

so basically yes to your answer but.. Your protected by the company you use...


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> Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 05:08:25 -0500
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> Subject: [DNA] autosomal test samples
> Do the stored autosomal (eg new Family Finder or Relative Finder) or
> yDNA test samples contain testable mtDNA material (whether tested or
> not) that, if tested, might reveal medical issues that the subject
> would rather not have known?
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