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Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 13:28:43 -0500
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The children would have less genetic diversity than they would have had if the
son had mated with a woman less closely related to him. Any kind of close
pairing has a higher probability of a deleterious recessive gene becoming
homozygous and thus being expressed, which is just one reason such closely
related matings are frowned upon.

Provided the grandchildren engaged in no such similar matings, the deleterious
effects would soon dissipate, and certainly there would be no long term effect
-- as in "down through the ages."


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> Subject: [DNA] A question
> I have been working with an very ancient lineage c. 400 AD and have
> come across good evidence of a mother-son incestuous relationship
> resulting in 4 children. Might anyone be able to tell me or guess what
> the effect of this relationship would be/have on the DNA of the
> children? All four had descendents.
> Janet

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