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From: "Lawrence Mayka" <>
Subject: [DNA] N1* across Europe, legacy of Huns?
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 08:43:42 -0600

A project member of Slovak ancestry, Deep Clade tested N1*, now has 67
markers. His haplotype is in Ysearch as UX7PM. Nordtvedt's Generations5
spreadsheet computes his interclade age vs. the N1c1 project members to be
24,000 years.

Fairly close to him is 85M5D of Hungary, at a GD of 7 on 37 markers. QT5UE
(no listed ancestry) is an exact 12-marker match. 9C49E of France is at a
GD of 3 on 12 markers, and MX9VY of Italy is at a GD of 4 on 12 markers.
These latter two are educated guesses based on my project member's Haplotree
page, which lists an N1 Frenchman at 3 away and an N Italian at 4 away.
That same page lists an N1 Austrian at 2 away.

The project member's Ancestral Origins page lists exact matches with one man
from each of Croatia, Hungary, and Montenegro. At 1 away are one man from
each of Bosnia and Romania.

By themselves, the eastern and southeastern European matches could be
attributable to several sources. But if the Frenchman and Italian also
prove to be N1*, the migration that best ties together these scattered sites
is that of the Huns.

Perhaps someone could persuade MX9VY to join the Italian Project? By the
way, his Ysearch entry shows R1a, because (as I recall) that's how FTDNA
listed him on the Haplotree page until rather recently.

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