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From: Stephen Forrest <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Repetitive emails from FTDNA
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 13:01:03 -0500
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I don't think that's it. I am just a customer (not an admin) and have
gotten one new notice of an HVR1+HVR2 match per day since last week,
yesterday excepted. Previous to this I would get maybe one such notice
every other month or so. Others have reported getting repeated notices of
results for very specific advanced marker tests, for themselves. It seems
clear this is a simple technical glitch with FTDNA's notification system and
not new lab results.


On 10 March 2010 12:53, Martin Hendrix <> wrote:

> The high number of notifications are apparently due to the lab pushing
> results into the database. I received notifications on Saturday and
> Sunday,
> indicating the lab is working overtime.
> There are settings in the Project Profile Page which pushes email
> notification to the Project Admin. The options include notification when a
> participant's results match someone in the database. The fields include
> 12/25/37/67 Marker Matches, HVR1/HVR2 Matches, New Order, and New
> Y-DNA/mtDNA data.
> Individual participant will also receive notification if that option has
> been selected in their personal User Preferences. If the participant has
> chosen to match against the entire database a notification will be sent for
> each match.
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