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From: Elizabeth Bennett <>
Subject: [DNA] Autosomal testing
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 17:38:28 -0300

I am trying to prove determine if there was an adoption in my mother's paternal line around 1870. My uncle was had Y DNA testing. He is a Wilson, AR5GS. There are no other Wilsons of this family to compare his Y DNA to. There is a family which we believe, if an adoption occurred, was the birthfamily of our ancestor and there is someone we can have tested to compare autosomal markers. If my uncle and this other person tested and they show common markers will it indicate likely number of generations. There are no common ancestors since 1825 when the rural area where they live was settled but I am not sure about before that.
This same individual from the possible birth family may share a common ancestor with my fathers family in the 1700's or prior. If I had my brother tested instead of my uncle could the relationship from the 1700's be distinguished from the more recent relationship in 1870's.
My paternal line is R1a and mother's paternal line R1b. Is it more informative to have R1b Y SNPs tested than R1a? Naturally my brothers test would show both my mother and fathers values so I assume that that is more cost effective. I there a lot of information lost by adding the extra generation from my uncle to my brother.
I have been watching the discussion regarding 23 and me. I had been thinking about FamilyFinder. Does 23 and me test more markers?

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