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Subject: Re: [DNA] 23andMe Is Running a Special on the Ancestry Edition
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 16:46:37 -0500
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I agree with that Vince. Aside from a couple of individuals, the dozens of
e-mails that I've send since the 23andMe data base has been opened to the
their non-beta customers have gone either complete unanswered or they have
been completely unproductive because the people aren't interested in
genealogy nor do they understand how relative finder works nor do they care
to. They aren't about to send you their family info.

When we were just dealing with beta testers, which, let's face it, is either
our group (for the most part) or those our group recruited, the "answer"
ratio was much higher, but still not 100%. It was much more like ftdna at
the time, but that's because all of us beta testers were interested in
genealogy. Not everyone answers at ftdna, but the majority do, even after
all these years.

I was really hopeful that when we contacted these folks at 23andMe about
genealogy, that they would be intrigued enough to work with us, but that has
not been the case.

Lastly, the real question isn't the size of the 23andMe data base, which
they don't publish, but is the size of the group of interested people, which
is the beta testers. I'm glad that we will be allowed to upload our 23andMe
results at ftdna soon. That will provide the same base number of
"interested testers" plus all the new folks at ftdna who have ordered their

For those of us who have ordered both, we'll know the results of about
750,000 of our locations instead of a half million at either individual
company. A half million here, a half million there, pretty soon you're
talking about a good portion of the variant portion of the genome:)

Also, ftdna will be introducing the X chromosome browser shortly which will
take into account the different inheritance path of the X. So that won't be

Roberta Estes

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The frequency with which things are "noted" on this list is not always
a good proxy for the real situation. The reality is that a much
higher proportion of customers at FTDNA are interested in genealogy
than at 23andMe. And they behave accordingly.

For many Relative Finder participants, the effective size of 23andMe's
database is zero since none of their matches have enough interest in
genealogy to reply to emails.


On Mar 10, 2010, at 12:59 PM, Robert Stafford wrote:

> The futility of corresponding with matches from FTDNA's proprietary
> database has been noted many times on this list.

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