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Subject: Re: [DNA] Which to Choose 23andMe or FTDNA
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 20:25:47 -0500
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If you decide to test her at 23andMe, at least order the HVR1 mtdna from
Family Tree DNA and request extra swab vials so that in the future you can
upgrade her there to the Family Finder Test.

Are you interested in anything other than the ancestry portion. If so, then
you'd want the 23andMe test.

Both 23andMe and Family Tree DNA test about 500,000 locations. Both will
compare best to their own tests as they use different chip tests. They will
overlap by about 200,000 locations and from what I understand about half of
the locations can be compared by inference. So if you have her tested at
both locations, you will be able to compare your and her DNA with yours at a
total of about 750,000 locations when you add together the same locations
both companies will test and the locations tested by only one or the other.

23andMe does not bank your DNA (I don't believe), so you either order the
test or not, but you can upgrade later to include the medical which likely
means (I'm speculating here) that they run it initially and just reveal it
to you if you pay the upgrade, since they don't bank the DNA. Family Tree
does bank the DNA for 25 years, so you can order a test in order to get the
DNA banked there and later order upgrades and further tests.

Also relative to the mtdna, 23andMe gives you a haplogroup but not results,
so you'd need to do that test anyway at ftdna.

Roberta Estes

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We have a 98 year old cousin that we would like to have tested. Our
cousin was born in the same town in Italy as our father, she is in fact,
our father's first cousin on his father's side.

Both my brother and I have been tested at FTDNA for the yDNA and mtDNA.
I have done the FGS. We both have also tested with 23andMe.

If we accept the new 23andMe discount offer on their Ancestry edition,
and have her tested there, we will be able to compare and contrast her
genome with our own, and possibly get a clue as to who else in the
world our family might match. (We both have very few matches at 23andMe
Me, around 50 each including duplicates, with about 10 total having
accepted sharing. But this is on the Swiss, not Italian side of the family.)

Or, since I am able to order the new "Introductory offer" atDNA test
from FTDNA, should we have her tested there? Since we have already been
subsidizing DNA testing for some of our relatives, it will be quite a
while before we can afford to have ourselves tested at FTDNA for the
atDNA. And then there is the question of having her FGS done at FTDNA.
We just can't afford it.

Brother and I are willing to split the cost of one of the tests for
her. But which company would be the best choice?

R. Walker

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