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From: Aaron Hill <>
Subject: [DNA] 'Genome work ushers in new genetic era'
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 19:06:18 -0800

Two research teams have independently decoded the entire genome of patients
to find the exact genetic cause of their diseases. The approach may offer a
new start in the so far disappointing effort to identify the genetic roots
of major killers like heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Two studies published on Wednesday show it is possible to sequence the
entire gene maps of families with inherited diseases and pinpoint the
offending bit of DNA.

Jim Lupski was luckier than his older brother, who even before his 5th
birthday lost the ability to run and walked only with exceptional pain.
Doctors suspected muscular dystrophy. They were wrong.

Entire Family Genome Sequenced for First Time
Children receive 30 mutations from each parent, researchers find

Remember the days of old
Consider the generations long past
Ask your father
He will show you
Question the elders
They will tell you

They will teach you and explain
The years of many generations
Dig into the past, understand your roots
Think about what has happened through those many years
So that you may pass understanding from generation to generation

— Deuteronomy 32:7*

* (Note: This is my own compilation from a variety of translations.)

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