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From: Kamel GAZZAH <>
Subject: [DNA] Linking Y Chromosome haplogroups with Sperm Motility
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 10:44:35 +0000 (GMT)

Hi All
I was thinking about a possible relationship between Y chromsome and Sperm motility which is an important factor affecting men fertility.
I found this article
which suggests that R1b haplogroup was successfull in European people relacement during the Bronze age thanks to its height sperm motility which allows heigher fertility, more children and power.

I was looking on this subject and found this article
which tried to find a relationship between Y chromosome haplogroups and motility
This article is quite old, published in 2001 and it does not talk about today known Y chromsome haplogroups.
They used the follwoing binary markers to build 4 haplogroups:
92R7 (C=>T),M9(C=>G) and SRY-1532(A=>G)

-M9 is a snp found in Haplogroup K
- For 92R7 and according to
there are two SNP 92R7

92R7_192R7 ChrY:6.166..6.166 Mbp (1 bp) score=12.94
92R7_292R7 ChrY:10.36..10.36 Mbp (1 bp) score=12.94 92R7_1 is G to A and is found in P haplogroup
92R7_2 is G to A and is found in P haplogroup
I did not find an information about linking SRY-1532 to YCC haplogroups but this is an article about it

They identified that in one haplgroup Hg26+ , men have height percentage of azospermia or oligozoospermia.
Another study indicated that Hg26+ is presnet in Norway with a percentage of 4.6%
The question is to which YCC haplogroup, the Hg26+ can be identified ?
It seems to be YCC haplogroup K*

This is confirmed by another more recent article (2007) about linking Y haplogroup to sperm motility in chinese population:
It found also that men belonging to Haplogroup K* might bear a risk factor of male infertility
But it is not clear to which specific sub-group of K haplogroup, this associaction was found.
Kamel Gazzah

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