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Subject: [DNA] NPE questions - also - can or should I use DNA card samplefor Family Finder?
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:25:36 -0500

I suspect an NPE in my Y-DNA line due to no close in surname matches (McQuillen) and a recent 66/67 match with another surname (Sutherland). Last fall, I tested at 23andMe. I've got 147 "cousins" there including a predicted 2d, and have beenhoping some would turn out to be through my father's side and give me aclue where the NPE comes in. Have had the usual problems with lack of responses and contacts that can't or won't provide any genealogical information, though that has been improving recently a bit, and the current TV programs may perhaps stimulate additional interest there down the road.

I had been thinking of having my mother(still living) do the same test there so that I'd know which of mymatches came from her side, and thus by elimination would know which were frommy dad's.

Now that FTDNA is rolling out Family Finder, there are several alternative approaches to choose from in trying to solve the NPE with autosomal matching, and they can be combined in various ways. I can't afford to test myself and both parents in both places, and with the complicated variables involved, I'm not sure what approach makes the most sense. So I'm soliciting informed opinion about what others might do in this situation.

One option is for me to just test my own DNA again using Family Finder. (I have a pre-rollout invitation I can use).

Another option is to test my mother at 23andMe, which would permit me to tell which of my matches there (by elimination) were through my father. Or, I could wait to test her at FTDNA when Family Finder has its public rollout, but unless I had also tested at FTDNA, this might not be terribly if there is a great difference in the list of SNPs being tested.

The most compelling option, but no doubt the most uncertain and potentially most expensive, could be to try to test my deceased father's autosomal DNA in Family Finder. Just before he died, I sealed away a sample of his DNA on a DNA storage card. The card is now five years old. Does anyone know if it is likely enough DNA could be amplified out of such a card to work for SNP testing on a chip? And if I did this, could enough be amplified that some could be retained by FTDNA against other future test options, or would I have to assume that this would exhaust the DNA I have from him? On the flip side, is a card-stored sample going to be viable much longer anyway?

Of course I might do various combinations of these tests. Some choices are also hard to evaluate because I don't really know whether pricing will change dramatically after Family Finder's public roll out; if, when, and at what cost FTDNA may eventually permit uploads of 23andMe data; and just what the differences are going to be between the FTDNA and 23andMe tests and database features. Any information or suggestions bearing on this will be appreciated!

I'd also appreciate any comments anyone may wish to make on the specific 66/67 match involved, particularly with respect to timing. So far, I can't find any of my match's relatives anywhere near the vicinity of my male line ancestors back more than 10 generations, and if that's true, we are looking at some pretty long odds, which make me nervous I'm possibly missing something else, like a secondary NPE. But perhaps the FTDNA TIP predictions are skewed too recent in the context of the specific haplos. I'm R1b1b2a1b*, and my 67 marker results can be seen on Y-Search under 6EQXG. The mismatch is at DYS520, where I have 20 and he has 21.

Thanks for any suggestions, information or recommendations!

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