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Subject: Re: [DNA] Subject: Re: Blood of the Irish DVD
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 14:44:58 EST

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your observations on the Blood of the Irish DVD. I guess I'll
pass on it.

Alan, do you live in Ireland? I'm hoping to convince my Irish male cousin
to do the DNA test. I plan to pay for it and wondered how much postage
would I need to put on the package to mail to the labs in the US?



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All I will say is I saw this series when it was screened in Ireland and
while it was entertaining, it seems to have been made prior to the huge
changes in our understanding of R1b in terms of dating,?variance, phylogeny?and
SNPs like S116, L21 etc.? By the time it was screened these discoveries and
alterations in ideas about dating had already taken place.? So, it?very
much?heavily pushes?the ice age western refugia/Basques angle.?

I think any comments on Atlantic links that do not factor in the findings
of L21 testing are of limited value.?? L21 in my opinion has made huge
inroads into the age old question of where the origins of the native Irish
were.? The superabundance of L21 in Ireland, its strong presence in northern
France and Atlantic Britain but?near-absence in most of Iberia strongly
points?to the closest y-DNA relatives of the Irish?being in northern/NW France
and Atlantic Britain rather than?Iberia.? Archaeology and basic geography
also strongly support that conclusion.


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