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Subject: Re: [DNA] Re : Genographic Project
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 16:27:57 -0800
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I had my adopted son test through the Genographic project, they tested the
same basic ystr 12 marker test as FTdna> his samples are stored by FTdna, we
have had additional tests since he transferred to FTdna.

I would like to see the database. Many of us in this hobby are old enough
that time becomes a concern. The 12 marker test works OK for my Haplogroup


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>>I transferred my results from ftdna to GP last month. To be honest, I did
>> not get any benefit so far. I was looking for better, newer, and
>> scientific
>> explanations for the migrations of my haplogroup. Everything was the same
>> as
>> ftdna. I am sorry to say that it was just a waste of my money.
> Maybe you can answer my question then. You say your "results" were
> transferred --- all 12 STRs worth.
> Do you know if any remaining sample of your dna gets transferred to FTDNA
> or
> at least saved by the original project? If so, then all is not lost, and
> that tremendous bank of dna still exists somewhere for better testing.
> But....... rereading your message, you say your results went the other
> way --- ftdna to GP? Is that so?
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