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From: CeCe Moore <>
Subject: [DNA] Question about matches on Chromo #7 at 23andme RF
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 21:12:20 -0800

My mom's results just came in and there is something that is confusing me.

1. My mom and Person A match on Chr 7 at 38000000-42000000
2. My mom and Person B match on Chr 7 at 37000000-46000000
3. Person C and my mom match on Chr 7 at 30000000-44000000
4. Person C and I match on Chr 7 at 36000000-44000000

So, since my mom and I both match Person C on Chr. 7 from at least 36000000-44000000, shouldn't a match show up for me with especially Person A since the match is within these parameters and probably Person B too? Can anyone help me understand the intricacies of Relative Finder here?

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