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From: Margaret Jordan <>
Subject: [DNA] Problem with People limiting their matches to their ownproject at FTDNA
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 12:50:49 +0000

Does anyone have problems with people limiting their matches to their
"own project" rather than the "entire database"? I can see that there
can be a lot of matches of no interest to people who are confident about
their origins but if someone is searching for matches, this setting can
limit the chances of someone finding them. Ysearch does fill the gap if
the results are uploaded to it but it would be nice to see matches
which are in the FTDNA database, listed on FTDNA matches.

As the database at FTDNA continues to expand, more people are going to
use the setting which compares their results only to matches within
their own project. This could have negative consequences for others. I
would ask people to use the setting in "User Preferences" which allows
their matches to be seen by others outside their own project and to
upload their results to Ysearch.

Margaret Jordan
Admin.Ireland yDNA Project

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