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From: "Ron Long" <>
Subject: [DNA] Occular Albanism
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 15:17:07 -0600

I have what I think is an unusual idea for genetic research.

Occular Albanism is an X-linked recessive, so a male with it (me) got it from his mother, and she got it from her father, and the father got it from the grandmother who got it from her father etc. Women usually don't exhibit the symptoms at lest as much.

Okay so I don't have any idea who my great-grandmother's father was. She was born abut 1870 in Western Arkansas. So I'm thinking that there are probably some other people who also have the condition today who are descendants of the same fellow. I'd like to start or join a group of persons with occular albanism who share their genealogies in order to trace the condition back to common ancestors.

Is there such a group? How could such a group be started? Anyone have any ideas?

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