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From: "Belinda Dettmann" <>
Subject: [DNA] Cleft Chin genetic location
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 09:57:11 +1100
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Dick, does your Dictionary of Genetics, 7th ed. give any info on the
genetics of the trait called Cleft Chin or Dimple Chin? I'm interested in
the inheritance of this trait but there is little info to be found on the
Net via google, and much of that is contradictory. Old textbooks say it's
the result of a single mutation (once said to be simple dominant, now
thought to show incomplete penetrance), but I don't know on what chromosome,
or what gene is responsible. It's not the same condition as cleft palate,
and has a different genetic background. Would like an answer from an
authoritative source.


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