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From: SVass <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Are the testing companies being guided to invest in thewrong things for genealogy?
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 05:01:26 -0800
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One extra piece of data should also be listed:
Negative SNP results should be included for testees in the standardized notation.

Sam Vass

On Mar 13, 2010, Lancaster-Boon wrote:
> I think many posts have touched on this question. I want to raise it in a clear way. It is being forgotten and put aside too much.
> First let me say that I have done 23andMe testing and FGS testing, and I continue to be interested in such advances personally. I also appreciate
> that some people do manage to use autosomal and mitochondrial testing in ways which help genealogy.
> ......
> HOWEVER, to come to the point, the fact remains that when genealogists ask me whether such testing can help them I generally say no, and that it is
> almost always better to spend your money on Y DNA testing: more STR markers, and even (increasingly) SNP testing.
> ,,,,
> For genealogy we need:-
> 1. Short term. More STR markers, and those STR markers to more easily usable in the lrgest possible databases.
> 2. Long term. The standardization of the use of SNP discovery as a part of genealogy.
> ....
> *Admins can not even get a simple tabular listing of advanced STR results, nor any SNP results, for any project from FT DNA, (after how many years?).
> ....
> ...we must not forget genealogy and we must not forget how many obvious improvements could be made to the services available for Y DNA.
> Comments?

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