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From: John M Rhodes <>
Subject: [DNA] 250% of what?
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 11:15:04 -0500

Hello to all:

My sister and I were tested at FTDNA, me for 67 markers in Y and she for
basic Mt-DNA (H1 and H2). My sister sent the following to me and I'm
passing it along for comment. I'm on the list here but don't have a clue
how to explain all this. We have documented our genealogy to 5 or 8
generations. Our Mother's ancestry was Swedish. Our Father's mother was
born in Selkirkshire in Scotland. His father's family was German and Swiss
German. We have a Schwenkfelder gr x 5 gf born in Silesia (Germanic). The
family fable is that our RHODES surname was changed from ROTH, a not
uncommon event in 18th century Pennsylvania where the family lived for 150
years before moving to the midwest. We know the religions in Switzerland
and Germany were German Reformed, Lutheran, Anabaptist (Mennonite) from the
16th century to Pennsylvania in the 19th century. The Scottish ended up
Presbyterian but the Scottish religious wars is well known. The Swedes
were, of course, Swedish Lutheran by law and lived in small villages as
crofters and farmers.

What does the FTDNA list mean?

John Rhodes


I haven’t been on the Family Tree DNA site for quite a while, but tonight I
opened it up and found some amazing linkages. For example, there is a link
to Appenzell Inner Rhodes which is a district in the Appenzell canton in
Switzerland. There are today about 5,600 people living in the district
today. Do you think out of that number there might be some relatives
(distant, distant, of course)?! Also, linkages to the Isle of Rhodes. Is all
that coincidence?

Also, I have lots of connections to Sephardic Jews just about everywhere, as
well as Ashkenazi Jews. And then there are the Mizrahi Jews (6 matches in
Azerbaijan). Do tell! All told, links to 74 countries including Ethiopia, DR
Congo and Zimbabwe. The highest percentage of my matches with the total
sample from each country are in :

Morocco 13.4% (18 of my 25 matches are Sephardic)

Norway 12.6%

France 12.5%

Northern Ireland 12.2%

UK 11.7%

Scotland 11.2%

Czech Republic 11.2% (one-sixth of my matches are in Bohemia)

England 11.1%

Austria 11.0%

Ireland 11.0%

Belarus 10.9% (one-sixth of my matches are Ashkenazi)

Hungary 10.6%

Portugal 10.6%

Denmark 10.4%

Sweden 10.1%

Switzerland 10.1%

Italy 10.1% (27 of my 240 matches are from Sicily)

Wales 10.1%

Germany 9.9%

Croatia 9.4%

Greece 9.3%

Romania 9.3% (12 of my 44 matches are Ashkenazi)

Turkey 9.2% (16 of my 33 matches are Sephardic)

Poland 8.6%

Of course there are more countries than this, but with fewer matches. It’s
all fascinating!

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