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Subject: Re: [DNA] Are the testing companies investing in the wrong thingsfor genealogy
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 11:28:35 EST

I'd like to see more emphasis on genealogy; however, the main problem for
many genealogists researching surname ancestry has little to do with DNA
tests in production or planning and everything to do with lack of
participation from the British Isles in particular. Finding American cousins is nice,
but I think everyone in my Britton project wants to get back to England
and we are unlikely to achieve that goal without participation from the UK.

Those of us whose ancestors arrived in North American colonies in the
1600's (and most of mine did, because I've traced most of them back to the
immigrant ancestor), have little chance of identifying our British ancestors
without participation from the UK, which was home to the majority of 17th
American century colonists.

For colonists who weren't British or immigrants who arrived after the
Revolution, prospects are much better,
because naturalisation records should provide the missing link.

So if I had any influence with Family Tree or any other testing company in
the business, I would say, please do what you can to raise awareness of
genetic genealogy in Britain---offer special prices to those with British
ancestry, get publicity in newspapers, contact the Federation of Family History
Societies in the UK--do anything and everything to get more British men
interested in testing and finding American cousins.

And since my Britton ancestor probably arrived in England from Scandinavia
or western France sometime between 400AD and the Norman Conquest, I'd offer
the same advice about western Europe. I'd love to see DNA results from
Scandinavia, the low countries, and Normandy & Brittany.


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