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From: John German <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Ocular Albinism
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 12:28:58 -0500
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Have you posed your question on the NOAH boards at ?

The problem I see with your idea is finding enough OA people interested
in genealogy.

I don't have any ancestors that I know were albino or even OA, but
obviously some had to be carriers. So perhaps I got my condition from my
mother's X chromosome, but it would seem the condition would have
appeared before. I suspect my problem is carried on an autosominal
chromosome and carried by both of my parents that finally appeared in me
because my parents are second cousins.

Ron Long wrote:

>Thank you John and Richard. You are quite right about the possibility of the gene being passed from female to female. I suppose I ignored the possibility because that isn't the way it happened in my particular case. Anyway that does make it a more cumbersome tool for genealogy. However in my case I know the gene was passed from my great-grandmother, and I know nothing of her father, and only the first name of her mother. I've exhausted ordinary research methods.
>So there's a good possibility that a database of genealogies of persons with Ocular Albinism might help me. So I'm back to my original question. If there isn't such a group already, how do I get such a group going.
>I should probably also ask if it's a workable idea.
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