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Subject: [DNA] Are the testing companies investing in the wrong thingsforgenealogy
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 13:55:21 EST

Subject: [DNA] Are the testing companies investing in the wrong
thingsfor genealogy
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I have very good news for you. There has been a boom in interest in
genealogy in the UK, due to a series called "Who do you think you are?"
which now has an American version. Full credit to FT DNA for jumping on
important band wagon. I might just be dreaming, but I believe I have felt
some opening up of attitudes in the UK. Keep trying!

Best Regards


I'm watching the NBC series and knew about the original series on the BBC;
however, I've yet to see any good effects of the latter in my Britton
project. Since genetic genealogy began in the UK, one would think there'd be
more local interest in it, but databases are full of results from Americans
and have relatively few results from Britain and other countries. I think
cost is a factor--also the number of big projects offering free testing in
the UK and the unfavourable publicity generated by the use of DNA
databases to solve crimes. Most of the work being done in Britain is of little
use to genealogists either because the databases aren't readily available or
because haplotypes aren't identified by surname.


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