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From: Margaret Jordan <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Are the testing companies investing in thewrong thingsfor genealogy
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 20:03:23 +0000
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As I live in Ireland, David, I can apply much of what you said about
Britain, to Ireland. Irish people whose yDNA might be useful for
comparison with people living in the "New World", often do not see the
need to do a yDNA test. However, recent tv programmes like WDYTYA and
Blood of the Irish etc., have encouraged more Irish people to be
accepting of DNA testing.

Also, Irish people are beginning to see that they can find lost
relatives, who emigrated in the Famine or other hard times, through DNA
testing so it is becoming easier to recruit people based in Ireland but
it generally requires that someone else pay for the test and remain the
contact person for the sample.

If upgrading or new tests seem to be required for project advancement,
the administrators or project members in the "New World" have to fund
these upgrades and upload the results to Ysearch etc.

Margaret Jordan

David Faux wrote:
> There is a major difference in goals between many Americans and many from
> the British Isles.

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