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Subject: Re: [DNA] Are the testing companies investing in the wrongthingsfor genealogy
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 19:31:04 EST

There is a major difference in goals between many Americans and many from
the British Isles.

Unless adopted or with a known NPE, most from say England already know
English roots (to a sufficient degree) and have no "Pond" to cross. There
may be no perceived need to upload haplotype results to a public database
(often obtained with the motivation of finding out whether they are say
Anglo-Saxon in the male line). Much of the work goes on within private
family groups and I know from experience that the focus is on the goals of
the research, not on ensuring that the public has access to it.


I agree with you about the difference in goals, although I've always
thought (or hoped) that the possibility of finding American cousins might be a
draw. I was not aware that many people in the UK were testing in private.
I assumed, perhaps mistakenly, that anyone tested by Family Tree would be
in Family Tree's database, even if the surname was withheld. My Britton
cousin has no matches to any surname close enough to be reported by Family
Tree to the Britton project. I find that unusual, but then we belong to a
rare subgroup of I1.

My focus is on my research, too. While I'm always glad to help someone if
I can, my family is in the public database for one reason only--because we
hope another Briton family somewhere will contact us.

But you've given me an idea--instead of trying to attract English
participants to my project maybe I need to concentrate on advertising my family's
DNA signature in places where the English are more likely to see it


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