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From: "Fredric Z. Saunders" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] British testing
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 19:42:26 -0700
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It is interesting the perceptions that researchers on both sides of the
ocean have about the other. As an administrator of several DNA projects,
plus other projects I have an interest in as the surnames are in my
ancestry, my perceptions have been:

1. Many of the U.S. researchers that have an interest in "crossing the
ocean" have their line traced to the 1600s in the U.S., and are looking for
matches overseas. Their matches in G.B. usually only know their ancestry to
roughly 1800.

2. Some U.S. researchers know the identity of their English/Irish ancestor
to specific localities, but matches to persons living in those countries
again only know their ancestry back to around 1800 in different localities
from those they match from the U.S. The English/Irish researchers are
looking to their American matches to try to find if their line goes back to
the same English/Irish locality from where the U.S. line originated.

Rick Saunders

>Unless adopted or with a known NPE, most from say England already
> know their
> English roots (to a sufficient degree) and have no "Pond" to
> cross.

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